Ricardo Segurado

Statistics in genetics, clinical trials, longitudinal modelling. School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science at University College Dublin, and UCD Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research.

Teaching genetic epidemiology and biostatistics on the MPH Programme, and new Professional Certificates in Biostatistics and in Statistics for Human Genetics .

Current projects:

  • Statistician for FP7 NILVAD, a multicentre RCT of nilvadipine in Alzheimer's disease: publications
  • Statistician for the HRB SOLAS, cluster-randomised feasibility trial of group physiotherapy: publications
  • Use of zero-inflated negative binomial models of joint damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Environmental and familial health risk factors in the Lifeways Cross-generational Study

  • Me:

  • PubMed search for Segurado, R
  • Google Scholar page
  • Consulting & Collaborators:

  • Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe, UCD & NMH
  • Dr Eleisa Heron, TCD
  • Dr Carlos Pinto, TCD
  • Web apps

  • Sample Size: Independent Samples t test
  • COIP software (historical)
  • External links:

  • AppInventor, for developing Android applications
  • R Shiny, for developing web applications
  • A list of Genetic Analysis Software, courtesy of Jurg Ott & Gao Wang
  • Online Guides and Courses:

  • LEMMA, Learning Environment for Multilevel Methods and Applications - an excellent, very clear on-line course on mixed and multilevel modelling with code and exercises at the University of Bristol
  • SAS and R, a blog about how to do various stats/maths tasks in both SAS and R

  • I host my site on a Linode, and I write the pages with vi. Today is .